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Various Benefits of Aloe Vera for Pregnant Women Skin

There are various benefits of aloe vera which are well known in the community, including for the skin. Well, pregnant women can also use aloe vera to overcome skin complaints, as well as to treat skin naturally. Many skin care and beauty products contain chemicals that may be harmful to pregnancy. Aloe vera is a natural ingredient that can be a safe choice for treating pregnant skin. Relieve Pregnant Skin Disorders with Aloe Vera Aloe vera contains vitamins A, C, and E, as well as amino acids. This is because of its contents, aloe vera is often used to treat wounds, heal sunburned skin, and get rid of zits. In addition, aloe vera also has a variety of benefits for dealing with complaints on the skin, such as: Fade stretch marks The appearance of stretch marks can interfere with appearance, even self-confidence. To help fade stretch marks, pregnant women can utilize aloe vera. You do this by applying gel from the sap of aloe vera to the stretch marks area after bathing.
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Be careful, This is a Bad Habit of Parents Children May Imitate

Parents are the main role model for children. So, do not be surprised if the various behaviors of Father and Mother are imitated by Little. Sometimes without realizing it, even bad habits come to be imitated by children. Imitating parental habits is one of the important stages of child development. This stage of mimicking usually occurs when a child is one year old. Children will imitate whatever parents do, ranging from the use of language to social behavior. Come on, pay attention and be aware of any bad habits that can be imitated children. Various Bad Parents That Your Children May Imitate Of the various habits of parents, unconsciously, there are some bad habits that are often imitated by children: Be emotional One of the things that children may imitate is the emotional attitude of parents when facing something. For example, parents who are aggressive, tend to have children with the same nature. Often complain When faced with situations that are not in line with

This is the Advantage and Right Time to Perform 4 Dimensional Ultrasound in Pregnancy

Ultrasound scanning (USG) of pregnancy is a screening tool that is often used in pregnant women. Ultrasound consists of many types, ranging from 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional ultrasound, to the most modern 4-dimensional ultrasound. Just like 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional ultrasound, 4-dimensional ultrasound uses sound waves to display the conditions of pregnancy, ranging from the state of the uterus, fetal form, to disorders that occur in the womb. The technology on 4-dimensional ultrasound is more sophisticated, in order to get clearer scan results. Various Advantages of 4 Dimensional Ultrasound 4-dimensional ultrasound is able to present moving images such as video. That way, you can see fetal activity more clearly, for example when smiling, yawning or other movements. Not only that, you can also see parts of the body of the fetus more clearly. 4-dimensional ultrasound does not only help curious parents see their baby, but also helps obstetricians in detecting the possibility